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Peaky Tweed Cap - Charcoal Grey




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This Tweed Baker-boy style was one of four cap styles commissioned by the costume designer for season 5 of the internationally popular BBC series Peaky Blinders to be worn on screen by the main characters including Thomas Shelby played by Cillian Murphy.

Every Peaky Tweed Cap is handcrafted bespoke to order for every customer by the highly skilled specialist team of cap makers at Herbert Johnson, London.  This versatile vintage inspired design has a soft head-fitting and is fully lined in a sumptuous Claret satin to ensure a comfortable fit.

Tweed Baker-boy and Flat-caps have been worn since the 1900's with an enduring popularity with people from all walks of life over the following decades.  They are however perhaps at their greatest heights of popularity right now thanks to the Peaky Blinders series.  Now enjoying a very wide appeal being seen as equally suitable for both country and town wear.  The wide choice of styles and warm but breathable colourful patterned fabrics make these a versatile and highly wearable all season staple.


  • Material: Finest quality British Tweed
  • Colour: Charcoal Grey Herringbone
  • Style: Handcrafted 8-piece Baker-Boy
  • Features: Matching fabric covered Peak & Top-Button
  • Sweatband: Black Petersham soft head-fitting
  • Interior: Claret satin lining with branded logo label
  • Bespoke Options for colour & style available in store.  Please contact piccadilly@swaine-adeney-brigg.co.uk for details on how to order.

Once ordered you will be notified of the lead time.


Creating the hats for Peaky Blinders Season 5

In the summer of 2018 the costume designer for the popular BBC Peaky Blinders season 4 series, Alison McCosh, walked into our London store looking for new costume accessories for the next season of filming. She immediately fell in love with our recently created Smoulder trilby style thinking it perfect for Cillian Murphy's character of Thomas Shelby in the show.

Over the next few months our Master Hatter, Michelle Poyer-Sleeman, worked closely with Alison, designing and creating unique bespoke designs for several of the actors in a variety of styles to match the proposed costume pieces.

We are incredibly proud to have designed such a wonderful collection of hats for Alison McCosh for the cast of season 5 and look forward to collaborating further with this great designer.
Designing the Peaky Tweed Caps for Peaky Blinders

Our Master hatter, Michelle Poyer-Sleeman, created a collection of fur-felt hats for the cast of Peaky Blinders Series 5 commissioned by the series costume designer Alison McCosh.

However, when Alison was also interested in upgrading the caps for the cast of the upcoming season 5, our team passed the baton on to our hatting team based in London who specialise in handcrafting cloth caps.

The London team worked with Alison to design a new range of bespoke caps for the lead actors which specifically addressed their needs for fit, construction and filming continuity.  The resulting design was to have slightly more generous proportions to aid in comfort of fit and prevent the fabric from looking too taught and creased.  All the caps were also given identical linings in Claret satin and were sent without any company branding.



This product will be handcrafted to order by our specialist cap-making team at Herbert Johnson London.  Please email enquiries@swaine-adeney-brigg.co.uk to check the current lead time for this product.


Place the string or tape around your head above your ear and across the mid forehead, completely circling your head.  Hold the tape firmly, but not too tightly.  Measure your head exactly where you want the hat to sit.  Measure in centimetres.  If your measurement falls between sizes, round up to the nearest centimetre.  It may help to either do this in the mirror or have someone to help for accuracy.  We also offer a professional measuring service at our London Piccadilly Arcade store.

Bespoke Options:

Please note – If the Customer wishes to enquire about ordering something which varies from the standard options provided in the product listing (such as this model in a different colour/fabric or a size not currently offered etc.), their enquiries would need to be made directly with our London team of cap-makers via piccadilly@swaine-adeney-brigg.co.uk.  Please follow the link for more information about our Bespoke Range.

Our Materials:

All our caps are completely bespoke and handcrafted to order from only the finest materials. We work closely with our suppliers in choosing only the highest quality materials available.

A note on Lead Times for our handcrafted hats:

    • Lead Times are variable depending on our current volume of new orders being received and our handcrafters current commitments.
    • Please note that our handcrafters fulfil orders on a first come first served basis
    • When new orders are received at our Workshops, they are entered into our making schedule in the next available position in the queue.
    • The wait time for our handcrafted caps is normally between 2-8 weeks but please be aware that this can be subject to change and is relative to seasonal demands for our London workshop and production scheduling.
    • The wait time for our custom bespoke orders may be longer depending on what materials and supplies may need to be specially ordered in to fulfil the order.
    • If you would like to inquire about the current expected lead time for your cap order, please contact our enquiries team via enquiries@swaine-adeney-brigg.co.uk.
    • If you are hoping to order your hat for a particular event, please ensure you place your order in plenty of time prior to your deadline.  Please inform our cap-making workshop via our enquiries team if your order is time sensitive and we will do our best to accommodate you.

      Postage & Packaging:

        • Once ordered you will be notified of the lead time.
        • Our cap products are carefully placed inside protective cloth covers and packaged in slim cardboard postal boxes for dispatch internationally.
        • We ship worldwide.
        • We calculate delivery costs based on the weight of each product and country to which the item is to be posted.

          Wool Cap Care:

          This is a wool product and thus only care instructions for the treatment of wool should be followed.  We recommend that you store your cap somewhere dry placed peak side down.  For longer periods of storage, we recommend keeping your wool cap in a hat box including some form of moth-repellent. We recommend against brushing your hat as this can cause pilling of the wool fabric.  A soft cloth can be used to gently remove any dust or minor particles from the fabric. We advise against allowing your wool cap to become wet as the fabric may be vulnerable to shrinkage.  For more advanced cleaning needs we recommend dry-cleaning only or contacting your hatter for more in-depth advice and refurbishment services.