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Ladies' Whangee


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Each Thomas Brigg handcrafted umbrella is as unique as it is owner. Our Whangee umbrella is a true Gentleman's umbrella, but yet its appearance is joyously eccentric.

The classic John Steed ( Patrick McNee ) Whangee umbrella as seen in The Avengers. The character Steed in the classic TV series The Avengers, was often seen with his Bowler Hat and classic ‘Brigg Whangee’ umbrella. 

Whangee comes from the root of a type of Bamboo, which gains its unique appearance from the constant soil erosion on the sharp gradient, exposing it to the elements. When it is harvested, it is sent to us where it is bleached, boiled and straightened. It is then bent into the handle that is attached to the unique Brigg shaft and frame.

  • Hand crafted from two pieces of wood
  • Wooden Shaft
  • 20" Rib
  • Available with Plated Gold Collar (PGC) or Silver Collar (SC). Pictured Plated Gold Collar - can be changed as a bespoke option
  • Collar can be engraved at the cost of £20.00 per initial
  • Canopy available in silk or nylon

This product will take between 6-8 weeks to be handcrafted by our specialist craftsmen, however please email and we can check our stock for you.

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