About Us

Swaine Adeney Brigg stands for British handcrafted luxury goods & accessories of the highest quality.  Over the years our several heritage companies have come together to make what we are today.  The gems in our crown include…


Swaine Adeney – Founded as a whip makers business in 1750 expanding to become the highly regarded producer of quality handcrafted luxury leather goods that it is today.  Famously we have crafted luggage for 007 & the Kingsman movies.

Brigg Umbrellas – Established in 1836 & merging with Swaine Adeney in 1943.  The Brigg umbrella is famous for its high quality and long history supplying Royal Families, Prime Ministers and distinguished ladies & gentlemen around the World.  Today, we are still crafting reputedly the best bespoke umbrellas in the world from our workshops in England. 

Papworth Leather Travel Goods – Established in the early 1900’s joining SAB in 1997.  For over three quarters of a century this Cambridgeshire based company have produced luggage of distinction and quality.  From the distinctive style of our suitcase to the classic cut of our briefcases, the Papworth signature is always unmistakable.

Herbert Johnson Hatters – Founded in 1889, the name has become synonymous with the finest quality hat a man can wear.  Makers of fine handcrafted bespoke headwear, today Herbert Johnson make both military & civilian hats.  We have been both hatters to Royalty and stars of the silver screen, including Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and Patrick Macnee’s bowler hat as Steed in the Avengers.