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101 years after its inception SWAINE ADENEY is delighted to reveal an additional gem to our crown with an exciting new relaunch of the PENDRAGON brand. 

PENDRAGON's patrimony lies with its founding father Sir Pendrill Varrier-Jones and his unabashed drive to challenge the status quo. PENDRAGON is working towards a sustainable future, without compromising on quality or craft.

Despite there currently being no such thing as 100% sustainable (no greenwashing here), PENDRAGON is driving sustainability through every element of their supply chain from initial design to final packaging - offsetting the carbon emission that they could not eradicate along the way. The goal will always be 100% sustainable. 

PENDRAGON creates high-quality, long-lasting products, and offers repairs and a return to recycle program – making sure every products' lifespan is maximized.


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