Jane Brigg

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This range of the finest exotic handle ladies umbrellas is named after Jane Brigg, the daughter of Charles, who was Brigg’s original founder in 1828. 

Charles Brigg had two branches, one in Charing Cross dedicated to ladies accessories and parasols, and another run by his son Thomas, which evolved into providing the finest Gentleman’s accessories and umbrellas in St James’. Jane was one of three sisters who inherited the Charing Cross branch and ran it for at least another decade. Though Jane Brigg primarily worked with ladies fashion, it is known that the business promoted both trades and no doubt Jane’s knowledge for fabrics and silk would have assisted her brother’s branch in St James. Due to the nature of that time, not much is known about the wives and daughters of the Brigg family. But with her business minded mother Elizabeth’s influence, we can be in no doubt that Jane’s hard work helped establish Brigg to stand at the forefront of excellence in umbrella making.  

Historical information sourced from "In Good Hands" by Katherine Prior, Published by John Adamson

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