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Black Rooster


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Pre-order your handmade feather brooch and to be dispatched within approximately 2-3 weeks.



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Each brooch is handmade in the UK from collected feathers, with a combination of serval feathers in each brooch. This is one of the larger brooches that we offer, adding a statement piece to accompany any of our Herbert Johnson Hats. Along with adding a touch of personality and colour.

The feathers used in this brooch are a mixture of birds, including the Black Rooster, Hen tail feathers and Guinea Fowl. Please note that colours of feathers may vary slightly from bird to bird.

Cartridge Brooches come with a used brass cartridge which has a brooch pin on the rear so you can attach it to your Herbert Johnson Hat. The number on the Cartridge Pin will vary from Cartridge to Cartridge.

Cartridge Pins are found from shotguns which would traditionally be used by hunters who want to shoot birds or other flying wildlife. Hunting and shooting was formerly a royal sport, with many Kings and Queens being involved, including King Edward VII, King George V, King George VI and the present day Prince Phillip.

We suggest that this feather brooch would look perfect matched with the Herbert Johnson Women's Hat 'Oceana', as pictured. 

On occasion, from either wear or through shipping, the feathers may become slightly ruffled. We recommend gently brushing the feathers with your fingers or even a small comb to brush the feathers back into their original shape.

  • Combination of bird feathers. 
  • Brass cartridge pin. 
  • Tweed fabric backing with a pin to attach.
  • Dimensions:  18x6x1.4cm (Sizes can vary slightly)

Pre-order your handmade feather brooch and to be dispatched within approximately 2-3 weeks.

We calculate delivery costs based on the weight of each product and country which the item is to be posted