Celebrated maker of equestrian and leather goods since 1750. As English as the Eton Collar, as iconic as the Bowler Hat.
Carrington Diplomat Case
Carrington Diplomat Case

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A smaller version of our famous, hand-stitched Churchill attaché case The Carrington was originally commissioned for use as a diplomat's case. As such it is classic, understated and elegant.

Employing the finest hand-finished materials, The Carrington attaché case is individually created in our Cambridge workshop by a single craftsman.

The attaché is made by Swaine Adeney's leather master, who sculpts and hand stitches the fine English bridle leather. (The handle alone takes more than two hours to make: it is made up of eight individual components which must be sewn together.)

Once the internal pockets have been added, the attaché passes to the metal worker's bench, where the solid brass locks and fittings are cast and hand-polished to a satin finish then attached to the case.

If you imagine that you have stumbled into an 18th Century saddle maker's, you will have an idea of how The Carrington takes shape. In fact, the leather is completely hand stitched with natural linen thread using a "twin needle" saddlery technique.

Dimensions: 15 x 11.5 x 3.5" (38 x 28 x 9.5cm)

Shown here in London Tan, also available in Black, Havana and Chestnut.

Can be personalised with the owner's initials.

Did you know?

Robert Smith, 1st Baron Carrington (1752–1858), was a British Member of Parliament (MP)
The title Baron Car(r)ington has been created but three times in the United Kingdom since the mid-17th Century.
The aristocratic Carrington family has produced notable British politicians, soldiers and courtiers.


Hand-finished traditional English bridle leather, tanned with natural plant extracts. An environmentally-conscious leather with a superior depth and richness that improves with maturity. London Tan Bridle Hide lining or Green Skiver lining. Skiver Lining colour may be chosen as a bespoke option. Can be personalised with owner's initials. Bridle handle composed of 8 individually sculpted and hand-sewn leather components, ensuring comfort and longevity. Brass hardware and locks, cast and hand polished to a satin finish in England. (Made this way to retain the natural grandeur and strength of the brass.) The leather is bonded to vulcanised fibre board panels, reinforced with a custom-made steel frame to guarantee an attaché that is practical, lightweight and durable. Internal pockets that accommodate a variety of business documents, stationery and business cards.


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