Celebrated maker of equestrian and leather goods since 1750. As English as the Eton Collar, as iconic as the Bowler Hat.

Our British Heritage & Craftsmanship Stands the Great Test of Time

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SWAINE & ADENEY WAS FOUNDED IN 1750 in Piccadilly, London, conveniently near the Royal Mews. We received our first Royal Warrant from King George III for our carriage driving whips and have been honoured to receive Royal Warrants from successive Monarchs thereafter. Since the business was founded we have continued to apply the centuries old skills of our master craftsmen saddlers in the creation of our exclusive range of travel goods and business cases. Swaine Adeney merged in 1943 with Brigg & Sons.

We craft all of our Swaine Adeney goods from the finest British bridle leather tanned especially for us. The most superior hides are hand selected and then left to mature for many months in solutions containing natural organic ingredients such as the bark of English Oak trees. Natural pigments are painstakingly applied by hand to give the hide it’s natural depth and glow. The culmination of this time honoured process is a generous feed of fats and tallow to give this English Bridle Hide it’s unique self-regenerative quality.

At Swaine Adeney Brigg we offer a clean, feed and stain service or a comprehensive restoration service for your cherished Swaine Adeney leather goods. Swaine Adeney Brigg are delighted that our customers know our goods are made to last and we recommend a regularservice check for a long life. Your favourite pieces will continue to mature as the patina of the leather develops and deepens over the years.

From the moment you choose Swaine Adeney bridle leather goods for your collection you will have a lifetime ahead to see them mature and the patina grow more beautiful over the years. The patination process cannot be hurried and only occurs when the leather is exposed to the elements and fed regularly with hide feed.  Ultimately this creates a leather case which carries a gravitas and generates a consideration of high regard. Like wearing a very fine pair of leather handcrafted shoes.

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BRIGG WAS FOUNDED IN 1836 in St James’ London and traded as Thomas Brigg & Sons and were known as the Royal umbrella makers.  An exclusive mix of exquisite materials and rarefied expertise, the Brigg umbrella has become an international byword for the very best of British craftsmanship. Cane or wooden handles are bent by hand using a fine balance of eye and steam and then embellished with a collar of either hall marked sterling silver or gold plated collar.

There are three types of construction;  “a solid” where the handle and shaft is one continuous piece of wood; a “tips-over” where the crook handle and the shaft are made from the same wood but two parts (sometimes long lengths of Bark Ash for instance are in short supply and so they are constructed from two parts); and a ‘two piece” where the shaft is made from tulip wood and the handle of a cane such as the Malacca or Whangee.

We also offer a restoration service for your Brigg umbrellas ensuring they last a lifetime and beyond – from replacement of parts or the entire canopy we can ensure that all is well looked after. Our best advice is always to ensure that your umbrella is completely dry before closing it.

From hand-made umbrellas of distinction, to iconic film star hats and briefcases for classic films, Swaine Adeney Brigg hand-tools, shapes and stitches the finest materials in the traditional way.