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Bespoke Trunks



Swaine Adeney Brigg Bespoke Trunks

The Swaine Adeney Life Time trunk has been created to celebrate a new life. A perfect gift for a newborn baby or as a very special birthday or christening present, the trunk is designed to individual requirements, from colour of the leather and linings, to the configuration of internal compartments and hand-stitched lid-over boxes and pockets…..

The trunk will carry the treasured keep-sakes and records of the individual throughout a life-time and pass on to the next generation a wonderful and irreplacable personal collection of thoughts, feelings and memories……

The trunk in the main image dimensions are: width 990mm x depth 490mm and height 900mm and is £12,500.00

Prices start from £7995 upwards according to specifications.


Swaine Adeney Brigg - Bespoke Trunks