Celebrated maker of equestrian and leather goods since 1750. As English as the Eton Collar, as iconic as the Bowler Hat.
The Brigg Umbrella


The Brigg umbrella: an international byword for impeccable British craftsmanship. No self-respecting gentleman would carry anything else…

Just like Steed’s the Whangee Umbrella is a true Gentleman’s umbrella of joyously eccentric appearance. The distinguished plated gold or solid silver collars can be engraved for the personal touch. Traditional wood solids such as Oak, Maple and Hickory are available to mention a few of our wide range. The canopy can be made from nylon or more traditionally in luxurious silk. For example

Whangee  comes from the root of a type of Bamboo, which gains its unique appearance from the constant soil erosion on a sharp gradient; exposing it to the elements. When harvested, it is sent to us where it is bleached, boiled and straightened. It is then bent into the handle attached to the unique Brigg shaft and frame.

Of course, this website offers an array of handmade umbrellas – everything from ladies 20″ canopy umbrellas with hand-stitched fine leather handles, to traveller models that ingeniously unscrew to fit in your suitcase.

For gentlemen, we have unusual umbrellas – why not choose an umbrella that conceals a flask ? With a choice of fine leather umbrella handles, and even a solid sterling silver handle, we have a model to suit any mood or climate.

The Brigg umbrella is famous for its high quality and long history supplying Royal Families, Prime Ministers and distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen from around the World.

We would be delighted to make umbrellas for your company or club – please email enquiries@swaineadeney.co.uk

completely bespoke service, is offered for all Brigg umbrellas on show in our London and Cambridge stores and via our website.

Brigg takes pride in tailoring  your umbrella so that it is perfectly suited to your requirements. All bespoke umbrellas are made to order ensuring our skilled craftsmen can adjust the canopy size, the walking length and size of the ribs and handle, all done tradionally by hand. Our loyal customers appreciate these timeless British skills.

Please contact us with your enquiries by email:enquiries@swaine-adeney-brigg.co.uk . As a Swaine Adeney Brigg customer, our craftsmen are at your service.